You’re obviously here because you found me on the Googles or someone you respect sent you here, right?

My name is Christian Bucic and I am a graphic designer and live in Brussels.

One of my passions is the photography, as you'll see my website has a different topics, like graphic design, lettering and illustration, but most is dedicated for photography.

My background is between the traditional and the digital, I am largely self taught. I love to work with different process and techniques, between the graphic design, typography, illustration and photography.

I learned photography at school and also completed it by my self-taught because I can't stop without taking picture. My projects, are mostly figurative portraits, I like to compose with a graphic approach.

Most of my photos are inspired in and by the street life and urban background, I like to play between colours and B&W and from both medium I love to express my inspiration with the variante between the subject and thematic of the day. It depend the mood and the project.

Gear: Fujifilm XPRO 2 (35mm / 56mm) / Fujifilm X100S (23mm) / D300 Nikon (24-85mm/ 35mm)/ iPhone 6s Plus

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