1. Walkwoman - SONY Walkman 40th anniversary

    07 Oct 2019
    I riding bicycle quite a few time during the week sometimes it arrived that I crossed some beautiful women on bicycles, I like so much to see woman on the bicycle. They are so graceful.  So one of that day I was riding my bike again through the parc and…

  2. Skateboard deck design

    14 Jul 2019
    This time I had an idea to illustrated the backside of the skateboard. And reproduce one of my illustration to begin somewhere with something It was to me a new challenge and not only for the new format and the medium, but also to paint with my airbrush that I…

  3. Japanese Movie Poster design project

    01 Mar 2017
    The kind of design from the seventies, Japanese movie posters inspiration, push me to make one serie. I have mixed photography and typography. This project is under making.

  4. Currently inspired by illustration

    14 Sep 2015
    A few weeks ago I have felt with some inspiration to do illustration.My model was a fashion model with a beautiful face that I can’t resist to draw with a pen and paper.And then I interpreted that, with one of my favorite software, Illustrator.Now, I have made a printed on…

  5. Ink-Pose

    08 May 2014
    Ink-Pose C’est un extrait de ma nouvelle étude photo et graphique. Qui est basé sur le mot “cái - 才” qui veut dire “talent” du mandarin chinois.  Cette illustration est une approche d’une interprétation du mouvement figé du corps, se rapprochant de l’esthétique du langage visuelle du caractère. Model: Leann…

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