Walkwoman - SONY Walkman 40th anniversary

I riding bicycle quite a few time during the week sometimes it arrived that I crossed some beautiful women on bicycles, I like so much to see woman on the bicycle. They are so graceful. 

So one of that day I was riding my bike again through the parc and I was feeling inspired by one of them, the sun was shining, she was with her helmet and under her hairs in the wind with a beautiful face and weared a jeans and a shirt. 

Something happen quickly in my mind, the combination was perfect and inspired me, I though wouw, why not drawing that moment, woman, bicycle, jeans. I can’t resist to do an illustration after that. Then I draw it first of all on my skechtnote when I came back at my appartement, scan it and import in illustrator. 

It took me a few hours to make it and let’s see the steps evolved between that illustration.

The SONY Walkman wasn’t included from my first idea for this illustration, but the info from the internet about it cross my mind, since I have heart that was the 40th anniversary this year. I wanted to make something reto style it came in a perfect time. And the finale touch was from the sunglasses, like this the 80’ style can appear.  

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